Minelab Offers Military Discount of 15% OFF any Metal Detectors!
  • The discount is available to any past or present military personnel.
  • Military Paperwork must be in the same name as the individual placing the order.
  • Only 1 Metal Detector will be discounted per individual, per calendar year. 
  • To qualify we will need to see original proof of your Military paperwork for a discount. Acceptable documents include DD214, Driver’s License (if it is noted “Veteran” on License), Certificate highlighting a branch of service, VA Card, or another document you feel qualifies. 
  • The discount is only on the factory shipped machine, no bundles are included.
  • To receive the 15% OFF discount you must use Code: ML15 on the checkout page. 

Please Note: No items will be shipped until we have the proper paperwork outlined. 

After purchasing with the discount code, please email us your original proof of your military paperwork to
Thank you.
$3,249.00 $2,499.00

Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector