Nokta Simplex Waterproof Metal Detector Review
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Nokta Simplex Metal Detector Review 2024

By Daniel Wall 0 comments

Nokta Simplex Metal Detector Review 2024

Metal detecting is a great hobby. Nothing beats the sense of anticipation when you receive a good signal. It might turn out to be a piece of rubbish. Or it could be a life-changing find. But before you can start digging, you need to get a good metal detector. A quality detector is the key to a productive hunt. While there are dozens of options on the market, let’s take a closer look at the Nokta Simplex. This is an affordable model by a respected manufacturer. But how does it perform? Let’s find out. 

Types of Nokta Simplex Detectors

The best place to start is by talking about the five types of Simplex packages that are available. 

  1. Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector
  2. Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector with Starter Pack
  3. Nokta Simplex BT Metal Detector
  4. Nokta Simplex Ultra Metal Detector
  5. Nokta Simplex Ultra WHP Metal Detector (With Headphones)

All except the Ultra WHP do not have any headphones. Because of this, you will need to rely on the in-built speakers to tell you when you have a signal. The Ultra WHP model will come with a pair of wireless headphones. 

The Ultra WHP that uses wireless headphones is slightly more expensive. Apart from that, the packages contain the Ultra metal detector. The one that you choose will depend on the way that you prefer to detect. 

Compared to the BT version the Ultra comes with these extra features:

These extra 6 features will surely improve your treasure hunt!

  • Coin & Relic ID Scale
  • Target ID Depth
  • Recovery Speed
  • Tone Break
  • Tone Frequency
  • Tone Volume

To fully compare the Lite, BT and Ultra you can see this chart on Nokta's website by clicking here.


nokta makro simplex+ review

One of the things that helps set the Simplex apart is the number of features it has. Most impressively, it has notch discrimination. There are 20 of these segments, so you will be able to set up the detector the way you want. This will allow you to sort the targets. Because of this, you will be able to sort out a lot of the junk signals. By doing this, you’ll be able to save a lot of time on the hunt. 

Adding to your ability to filter out bad signals is the Target ID scale. This is a number between 0 and 99. It will tell you how conductive the metal is. This might fluctuate a little depending on how deep the object is and the type of soil you are detecting in. Because of this, you might want to do a test area first, to know what type of responses you can expect. 

Another interesting feature is that there are various search modes that you can use. These are; all metals, park, beach, and field. The one that you will need to use will depend on the way that you are using the machine. The Ultra version also has 4 tone and 99 tone search modes.

For example, park mode will work best when hunting for coins. The tone will vary depending on the amount of gold that object contains.

One of the most unique parts of the design is an LED flashlight, which is built into the base of the control unit. This can be very useful when you are detecting underwater or need to navigate at night.   

The user interface is easy to use. You will find it easy to switch between modes. The buttons are spaced apart. The user manual goes into more depth about what each of the buttons and modes does. Because it’s a popular brand, there is lots of documentation and tutorials to help you get it set up. If you need more help, you will be able to contact the company. 


One of the elements that help set this detector apart is that it is completely waterproof. This will allow you to dive for targets. This has been known to produce better results, as fewer people have prospected these places. 

There are a few features that make this detector easy to use beneath the water. The screen is backlit by LCDs. This will allow you to see in darker waters. If you can’t see the screen, it will vibrate when you get a good signal. 

All versions allow you to use the detector to 16 feet (5 meters) deep underwater. While this will rule out really deep dives, it is still enough for you to get a taste of underwater diving.


When you are buying a metal detector, you want to make sure that it will last for a long time. Thankfully, the Nokta Simplex waterproof metal detector is built to last. It has a solid frame. Because it is waterproof, you don’t need to worry about getting it wet. Though it is best to dry it off before you put it away. This is to prevent mold from affecting the device. 

Additionally, you will find that the grips are comfortable. The handgrip is made from rubber. As a result, you’ll be able to keep a tight grip on it, even in wet or muddy conditions. 

Size and Weight

When you are metal detecting, you want something that will be light. Too heavy and you will quickly tire yourself out. Thankfully, the Nokta Simplex is built to be very light. It will weigh just 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms). Compared with other popular detectors, this makes it lightweight. 

Another big benefit is that this model can telescope. As a result, you will be able to fold it into a very compact package. This makes it easy to transport and store. Plus, you will be able to set it up to suit you. This can make it a good choice for children, as it can be customized to suit their height. 

Battery and Runtime

Charging up the battery on the Nokta Simplex is a breeze. There is a USB cable which you will be able to plug into a computer. This will charge up the unit. It will also allow you to install any updates to the software. Which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Interestingly, you will be able to use this USB connection to use a power bank to charge the device while you are detecting. This can be great for a multi-day hunt. 

Once fully charged, the battery will last for a long time. It will be able to last for 12 hours. This is excellent for a model of this size and price point. It will allow you to have a full day of hunting. When paired with a power bank, you can last the whole weekend. 

If you opt to get the headphones, they are a little harder to charge. You will need to use a 5-V adaptor. Unfortunately, this means that you will need to charge the Simplex metal detector and the headphones separately. But this is a minor inconvenience. But, once fully charged, they will be able to last for around 15 hours. 


The features of the Nokta Simplex are impressive on their own. But they are even more impressive once you know the price point. If you want to get the lite models they range from $199-$229. The $229 version gives you a starter pack consisting of a finds pouch, screen protectors, digging knife and a cap. It really is worth the extra because the knife is prices at $29.71 alone. See it below.

Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector

nokta makro simplex+ price

If you want to get the BT model you can expect to pay $269. This is because it is bluetooth enabled for headphones and it comes with a slightly larger coil of 11" as compared to the 9.5" one on the lite models.

Simplex BT Metal Detector
nokta makro simplex+ price

Finally if you want to get the Ultra model you can expect to pay $299 for the regular without bluetooth headphones and $359 with headphones. This is because it is bluetooth enabled for headphones, comes with 11" coil, fully carbon fiber shaft, Nokta baseball cap, 2 extra search modes and 6 extra features such as:

  • Coin & Relic ID Scale
  • Target ID Depth
  • Recovery Speed
  • Tone Break
  • Tone Frequency
  • Tone Volume

Nokta Makro Ultra

nokta makro simplex+ price
See the Nokta Simplex Ultra WHP (with headphones) here: 
Simplex Ultra with Headphones
nokta makro simplex+ price


To put this into perspective, other underwater detectors can cost $2,490. As a result, finding one this cheap, that still offers good performance, is a great deal. 


The Nokta brand is based in Turkey and has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality metal detectors. They can combine innovative technologies with an affordable price tag. They also stand behind their products. When you purchase one of these detectors, you will be able to get a full warranty. This will allow you to send it in to be fixed if it starts to develop any problems. Alternatively, it is easy to reach out to their team if you start to have any issues. 


These features lead to a solid performance from the Simplex. It can get plenty of depth. It can penetrate up to 11 inches to find small items without any problems. It will also be able to distinguish between ferrous materials and other signals. This, combined with notch discrimination, will give you a good idea of which targets are worth digging and which ones you can skip over. 

Compared with other detectors at a similar price point, this machine holds up well. It can weather tough conditions and can be fully submerged. While you can adjust the volume from the control, the headphone signal can be a little faint. But this is just a minor complaint. 

This positive performance is backed up by online customer reviews. It has a 4.8 recommendation on Google. Many of the people who bought it were impressed by the low price point. People also loved how easy it was to use. You don’t need to have any experience to understand the controls. Because of this, it is one of the best metal detectors for beginners.

Final Verdict

Though there are plenty of waterproof metal detectors on the market, there are a few things that help the Simplex stand out. First, the low price point, which makes it an affordable option for beginners. It’s also easy to use. The controls are intuitive with the backlit screen and vibrations making using it easy to use underwater. It will be powerful to give you good penetration and the settings will allow you to sort the good targets from the junk. With this in mind, I believe that the Simplex is one of the best entry-level waterproof metal detectors you can buy. 

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