The Legend - Nokta Makro's Latest Metal Detector
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The Legend - Nokta Makro's Latest Metal Detector

By Daniel Wall 0 comments

The Legend - Nokta Makro's Latest Metal Detector

Nokta Makro Detectors has been in the metal detecting business for 17 years, specialising on high-quality metal detectors that are affordable to both enthusiasts and professionals. Their detectors span a wide range of applications, including gold prospecting, coin hunting, and other treasure-seeking trips. Needless to say, Nokta Makro always provides fantastic quality at a reasonable price, and we can't wait to see what the new Nokta Makro The Legend Metal Detector has in store.

Features Exclusive to the Legend

SMF (Simultaneous Multi-Frequency) Technology

The newest Simultaneous Mult-Frequency Technology, often known as SMF Technology, will be used in the new Nokta Makro metal detector. This technology will allow detectorists to employ a wide variety of frequencies rather than being confined to only one frequency at a time, like SMF technology does. This frequency is also suitable for gold prospecting, thus we assume that this new machine will have a gold search mode with gold prospecting capabilities.

Shaft Made of Carbon Fiber

Nokta Makro also revealed that the shaft included in the SMF metal detector kit will be made of carbon fibre. These shafts are regarded for being lightweight, strong, and dependable.

Rechargeable battery, flashlight, and vibration mode are all included.

The new SMF machine will have a rechargeable battery, which means detectorists may have extra batteries on hand for backup and change the battery themselves, rather than relying on experts to do so.

The Nokta Makro Simplex+ has the same fully waterproofing housing.

The new machine will have the same waterproof casing as the Nokta Makro Simplex+, according to Nokta Makro. People have speculated that the new machine is an improvement to the present Simplex+, but Nokta Makro has clarified that this is not the case. The new machine will be entirely different from the Simplex+, with a completely different coil.

Price Point Competition

This innovative simultaneous multi-frequency metal detector is reasonably priced and available in two configurations:

  1. The Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector with Headphones: The Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector, a standard 11′′ coil, and a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones are included in this kit.

  1. Nokta Makro Legend Pro-Pack: The Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector, the normal 11′′ coil, an extra 6′′ coil, Bluetooth wireless headphones, and a changeable and waterproof battery with charger are all included in this bundle.


Will the new machine include more coil options?

Yes! Aside from the usual 11′′ coil, there is also a 6′′ coil included with the pro-pack, as well as an option for a 13′′ coil.

How heavy is The Legend Metal Detector?

The Legend Metal Detector weighs about the same as the Nokta Makro Simplex+. This machine weights around 3 pounds.

Is this metal detector effective on the beach?

Of course! This machine is quiet and steady, which is very important on the beach. When it comes to beach performance, the Nokta Makro Simplex will be outperformed by The Legend. However, the Simplex's depth should not be disregarded because it is still an excellent alternative for looking for deep targets.

What is the battery life like?

This changes according on the sort of frequency used. Overall, the battery has a range of 8 to 20 hours.

Can I use my existing Bluetooth headphones with The Legend?

Yes, in a nutshell. However, if your current headphones are not low latency, you may suffer delays.

What is the manufacturer's warranty on this machine?

The Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector is covered by a two-year guarantee.

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