Minelab Equinox 800 vs XP Deus II Metal Detector
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Minelab Equinox 800 vs XP Deus II

By Daniel Wall 0 comments

Minelab Equinox 800 vs XP Deus II 

The XP Deus II and the Minelab Equinox 800 will be compared head-to-head in this article.

One of the most popular metal detectors on the marketplace currently is the Minelab Equinox 800. The Equinox is a reliable and proven metal detector because it is light, has a wide range of features, uses Multi-IQ technology, and is easy to use. But is there a better option?

minelab equinox 800 metal detector

The XP DEUS II metal detector was just released by XP Metal Detectors. It has its own multi-frequency technology, which they call FMF (Fast Multi-Frequency). The Deus II is very light, has no wires, and is now completely waterproof. In the metal detecting business, XP is known as a leader. The Deus II from XP has new features and is still the lightest metal detector in the world. The Deus II is getting great reviews, and it may have issued Minelab some contests in the multi-frequency sector.

xp deus ii metal detector

Which Is Better: the Deus II or the Equinox 800?

We compared the two metal detectors by tabulating their most important characteristics next to one another. The effectiveness of each metal detector, however, will be the deciding element. There are now unbiased XP Deus II performance reviews available online and we want to put an end to it. We want to show you a clear example of what each metal detector brings to the table.

Minelab Equinox 800





Maximum Depth Average

11” with the Factory Included Coil or 15” with 15” Minelab DD Coil

11” with the Factory Coil


Yes 10ft / 3m

Yes 66 feet (IP68 Certified)



2.20lb (lightest in the World)

Detect Gold




3 Years 

5 Years

Waterproof Headphones

Yes - sold separately

Yes - sold separately

Factory Standard Coil Size

11” DD Coil

9” or 11” DD Coils

Factory Coil Options

Minelab 11″ 6″ and 15″

11″ DD or 9″ DD (maybe more in the future)

After Market Coil Options

Coiltek 10×5″, 14×9″, 15″

None As Of Now

Simultaneous Multi-Frequency

Yes (Multi-IQ Technology)

Yes (Fast Multi Frequency) FMR

Operating Frequencies

4 to 45kHz

4kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz

Number of Search Modes

8 Factory

12 Factory

Search Modes

Park 1/2, Field 1/2, Beach 1/2, Gold 1/2

General, Sensitive, Sensi FT, Fast, Park, Deep HC, DEUS Mono, Gold Field, Relic, Diving, Beach, Beach Sens

Customizable Search Profiles

1 Additional

12 Additional slot

All Terrain Capability



Pinpoint Capability



Ground Balance 



Reactivity Speed Adjustment


Yes (named Reactivity)

Pin-Pointer Pairing (Headphones)


Yes (MI6 Pin-Pointer only)

Iron volume Adjustment



Volume Adjustment



Battery Charge Time

12 Hours

Remote Control (30 Hours), Headphones (17 hours), Coil up to (20 hours).

Updateable Software



Find out more about the Deus II search modes

The old Deus search modes aren't all that satisfactory. If you were the first person to own a Deus, you knew that fine-tuning it brought out the very best in it. But for others, this was too hard to understand or too hard to figure out. Unfortunately, this was a big problem, and it kept many people who just wanted to switch on the Deus and start metal detecting from doing so.

But early tests and videos show that the DEUS II search modes work well right out of the box, with very few adjustments needed. The Deus II looks more like a metal detector that you just turn on and go. Deus II is looking good in terms of depth (which we'll talk about more following table) and target IDs. Below is a more complete list of the Deus II search modes and how they should be used depending on the terrain.

How to set up the search mode frequency and when to apply it


Fast Multi-Frequency (FMF) up to 40kHz is used - low and high frequencies are used. It's suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Improved trust in deep targets.


FMF employs high and low frequencies up to 40kHz. When looking for tiny targets in mineralized and trashy terrain, this tool is quite efficient. The reactivity level is set at 2.5.

Sensitive FT:

Employs FMF frequencies up to 40kHz - FT standing for Full Tone. Similar to programme 2, but with full tones and a Reactivity level of 3 rather than 2. 5. Intended for more seasoned users. It performs effectively on mineralized and rubbish soil.


Employs FMF up to 40kHz - similar to programme 2. The audio has been adjusted to Pitch with a Reactivity of 3. Furthermore, this software employs the square audio option. This software works quickly in iron and mineralized earth.


Makes use of FMF frequencies up to 24kHz - ideal for recreational areas and dried sand beaches.

Deep HC:

Employs FMF up to 14kHz - Deep High Conductor. Excellent for coins, coin spills, and other high conductivity targets.

DEUS Mono:

Employs one (Mono) frequency adjustment range of 4 to 45kHz. It only has one frequency. Good for EMI rejection; use when FMF is not suited owing to interference, etc.

Gold Field:

Uses FMF up to 40kHz - Ideal for heavily mineralized ground conditions when gold prospecting. To get more depth, this programme is set to all metal.


Uses FMF up to 24kHz - This programme works similarly to programme 8, but note the frequency change. It has a modest reactivity.


Uses FMF up to 14kHz - Excellent for diving or immersing in saline water.


FMF up to 24kHz - This software is intended for usage on the wet beach.

Beach Sens:

Uses FMF frequencies up to 40kHz - This beach programme will function deeper on wet sand, however, it will also be most reactive.

Comparing Reactivity and Recovery Time

The XP Deus and the XP Deus II metal detectors employ a feature that XP refers to as "Reactivity". This feature is comparable to the "Recovery Speed" feature seen on the Minelab Equinox. Is the XP Deus II able to recover from stamina drain more quickly than the Equinox? The Deus II appears to be superior based on early tests as well as films that compare the two products head to head. In spite of the fact that the XP Deus has historically been an extremely quick metal detector, it would appear that XP has made significant improvements to what was originally a very quick machine. It would appear that their usage of their patented Fast Multi-Frequency (FMF) technology is providing them an advantage over the Equinox.

Reactivity Number for XP Deus

Useful for 

0 - 1

Large items and coins, uncontaminated ground

1 - 2.5

normal usage, hardly little trash or contamination

3 - 5

Use when the earth is mineralized or rich in iron.

How Much Deeper Can The XP Deus II Go Than The Minelab Equinox 800?

The XP Deus II is outperforming the Equinox in nearly all of the tests we've seen, according to multiple tests that are currently accessible on YouTube and posted by various channels. In some circumstances, the depth the Deus II is achieving while keeping a decent target ID at depth is truly astounding. If you already possess an original Deus, you will value the Deus II's improved target ID at depth. The original Deus had a hard time with this.

XP Deus II FMF Technology
How Deep Can Equinox 800 Go?

The XP Deus II and Equinox: Bottle Cap Elimination?

It's difficult to completely stop bottle caps from becoming detected by a metal detector. But Minelab implemented a function in their Equinox software version 3.0 that added an improved feature under their F2 option that really did remove bottle caps from detection. Holding down the "Gear" button will bring up the Recover Speed Menu where this function is located. When you click the "accept/reject" button while in the FE option, FE will change to F2. The rejection ranges from 0 to 9.

Rusted bottle tops will no longer be present thanks to a feature that XP Metal Detectors have included to their Deus II. By accessing the Expert choices under the Discrimination Menu, you may locate this function. Its name is "B.Caps." By utilising the + and - buttons, you may change the rejection from 0 to 5. This function is described on page 16 of the Deus II user manual, which is available here

The XP Deus II and Equinox Have How Many Mono Frequencies?

The Equinox and Deus II each employ a unique multi-frequency technology that provides benefits over using a single frequency. Nevertheless, there will be moments when EMI or interference will prevent multi-frequency usage. It can be beneficial to be able to change to a single (mono) frequency to reduce EMI or interference.

These single frequencies can be used by the Minelab Equinox

4, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 40 kHz.

The specific single frequencies are accessible to the XP Deus II:

4, 7, 15, 21, 28, 35, 45kHz

Are Your Wireless Headphones and Pin-Pointer Compatible?

The original Deus's ability to sync your headphones with the MI-6 Pin-Pointer was one of its best features. In the Deus II, XP made the decision to maintain that functionality. You may connect your Deus II wireless headphones and your MI-6 Pin-pointer. You may read my comparative essay on the XP MI6 or MI4 Pin-pointers here if you're interested in learning more.

For the Equinox, however, Minelab does not provide this functionality. As long as your headphones are attached to your mobile device, you may set up your Equinox low latency blue tooth headphones to accept calls while detecting, however.

What Types of Search Coils Work With The XP Deus II?

The 9′′ DD and the 11′′ DD coils are the only search coils that are currently compatible with the XP Deus II. An HF ellipse and 9′′ HF round coil were among the extra coils that XP previously released for the original Deus. Later, they released the X35 family of coils, which provided greater stability and a larger frequency range. Could XP utilise the Deus II in a similar manner? Maybe, but we doubt anything would be released in 2022.

What Search Coils for the Minelab Equinox are Available?

For the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 metal detectors, Minelab also provides 2 extra search coils. A 6′′ DD and a 15′′ DD search coil are available. If you're interested in learning more about either of these coils, you can locate them by clicking the images below.

What After Market Search Coils are Available for the XP Deus II?

There have been no aftermarket search coils for the XP Deus II at this time. We don't anticipate the Deus II getting any aftermarket coils on the market. There were no aftermarket coils created for the original Deus. The majority of XP's technology is included in their search coils, making this a function that is only available from XP.

Which After Market Search Coils for the Minelab Equinox are Available?

Numerous search coil possibilities for the Equinox are one of Minelab's benefits versus XP. For the Equinox, Minelab initially offered 2 more search coils. The 15 and 6-inch DD coils (mentioned above). Both coils are still supplied by Minelab and through us as an authorized dealer. 

However, Coiltek released three extra aftermarket search coils for said Equinox in 2021. The new DD coil sizes from Coiltek are 10x5, 14x9, and 15 inches. The 10x5 DD coil is especially a great coil for the Equinox. It works well for water detection and in confined spaces where the stalk 11′′ coil is difficult to handle. Additionally, you may get additional details about this coils here

Coiltek NOX Coil

Where Can I Buy an Equinox or Deus II?

The data are the facts, regardless of what you take away from this post. The Deus II and Equinox are both top-notch metal detectors, and while some of you won't ever give up your Minelab, Garrett, XP, Fisher, etc. devices, there will be others who would enjoy something about one of these detectors that might entice them to try something new.

Whichever company you choose, you can be confident that it will provide high-quality goods and services. With either of these metal detectors, you cannot go wrong. They will locate the targets that are hidden under the surface. One detector may perform better than the other in certain circumstances.

Consider utilizing our Webstore Modern Metal Detectors (The very website your on now!) if you're wanting to buy one of these metal detectors or even a search coil, pin-pointer, or other items. We have had many great reviews from both and you can also view these reviews on the product pages.

For our best deal or to enquire about any potential sales please consider messaging us on live chat, by phone at 800-871-0285 or at support@modernmetaldetectors.com we will be happy to assist you.

Modern Metal Detectors

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